Are Exotic Shorthair cats good lap cats?

Introduction: What Makes Exotic Shorthair Cats Special?

Exotic Shorthair cats are a unique breed of feline that has been bred to have the same features as Persian cats but with a shorter coat. They have a distinctive squat, round appearance with a broad head, round face and big eyes. Their short, velvety soft coat comes in a range of colours, from white and cream to black and brown. These felines are known for their affectionate and calm nature, making them excellent lap cats.

The Ideal Companion: The Qualities of a Good Lap Cat

When it comes to finding a good lap cat, there are certain qualities that are desirable. Firstly, they need to be affectionate and enjoy being petted, cuddled and held. They also need to be calm and easy-going, so they don’t mind sitting still for long periods. A good lap cat should also be relatively low maintenance in terms of grooming and exercise requirements.

The Exotic Shorthair Temperament: Affectionate and Calm

Exotic Shorthair cats are renowned for their affectionate and calm temperament. They are loyal and loving, often following their owners around the house and curling up on their laps for hours on end. They are also very adaptable and can get along well with other pets and children. These cats are easy-going and don’t mind being handled, which makes them an excellent choice for families.

The Best of Both Worlds: The Persian and Shorthair Mix

Exotic Shorthair cats are a hybrid of Persian and Shorthair cats, making them the best of both worlds. They have the laid-back personality of a Persian but with the shorter, more manageable coat of a Shorthair. They also have the same adorable facial features as Persians, with their big, round eyes and flat faces. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone who loves Persian cats but wants a lower maintenance pet.

Caring for Your Exotic Shorthair: Grooming and Exercise

Exotic Shorthair cats are relatively low maintenance when it comes to grooming and exercise. They require daily brushing to keep their coat in good condition and prevent matting. They also need some moderate exercise, such as playing with toys or climbing a scratching post. It’s important not to overfeed these cats, as they can be prone to weight gain.

The Perfect Lap Cat: Snuggling, Napping, and Lounging

Exotic Shorthair cats are the perfect lap cat, as they love snuggling, napping and lounging. They are content to sit still for hours while their owner strokes their soft coat or rubs their chin. They are also great companions for watching TV or reading a book. These cats are social creatures and thrive on human company.

The Social Butterfly: Exotic Shorthairs and Children

Exotic Shorthair cats are great with children because of their friendly, laid-back nature. They are patient and tolerant, even when children are rough with them. They also enjoy playing and interacting with kids, which can help to develop their social skills. However, it’s important to supervise young children around cats to prevent accidental injury.

Wrap-Up: Why Exotic Shorthair Cats Make Great Lap Cats

Exotic Shorthair cats are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a low maintenance and affectionate lap cat. They are a hybrid of Persian and Shorthair cats, which gives them the best of both worlds. They are easy-going, adaptable and great with children. They also love snuggling, napping and lounging, which makes them the perfect companion for anyone looking for a furry friend to relax with.

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