Amazon Parrots: Lively Feather Friends

Amazon parrots are colorful and fascinating, but also quite noisy contemporaries. You can find out here which species you should avoid in apartment buildings because of their volume, what reasons the screaming may have and how you can best deal with it.

General Information About Amazon Parrots

With 31 species, the Amazon parrots form the largest genus of the “real parrots”.
They inhabit rainforests as well as savannah and semi-desert areas, arid dry forests, and wooded swamps. Due to extensive habitat destruction and trapping, 16 species are currently threatened with extinction.

Small “Screamers”

Many parrots are noticed by the neighbors because of their uncomfortable volume. This is especially true in the morning and evening hours. It is not uncommon for these complaints to be a reason for parrots to be given up. The Amazon parrots, along with the South American parakeets, cockatoos, and parrots, are particularly vocal representatives. If you don’t own a house or have no relaxed neighbors, you should avoid these parrot species.

Reasons for the Volume

A parrot should never be kept alone. It is not uncommon for lonely parrots to develop into constant screamers. The additional absence of a human caregiver also has a negative effect on the behavior of the animals.

Basically, you should pay attention to the situations in which your amazons start screaming. Maybe the screaming is simply a result of a lack of attention. In general, if an animal behaves as it should, it should be rewarded. There should be no reaction to the screaming. In this case, you should be able to ignore your birds! In the beginning, a treat is particularly suitable for reward purposes. But first, you have to find out what makes the heart of your darling beat faster. From now on, this special appetizer should only be used as a reward for exemplary behavior.

Need to Fly and Gnaw

Parrots need fresh branches and wooden toys on a regular basis. Because their need to gnaw is very pronounced. They often let off steam on furniture and doors during the beloved free flight time. To preventively counteract such activities, you should adequately satisfy the need to gnaw.

Pronounced Personality

Amazons in particular have very distinctive personalities. While they get along very well with many conspecifics or people, they in turn reject others. Here, the mutual sympathy decides. However, all Amazon parrots have everything in common: They need companionship from their conspecifics. Your need for social contact is strong and should not be underestimated. Permanent keeping in “solitary confinement” is therefore forbidden! You should attach great importance to providing the birds with a harmonious community. It is important to take into account the aforementioned sympathy and antipathy of the birds for one another.


Ideally, you should feed your parrot at fixed times. Every now and then you can give them some food in between. The yelling of your feathered animals can also be a request for food. Parrots are clever and quickly realize that their volume can help them achieve their goal of getting more treats.

Contaminated Enclosure

Bad living conditions can also be the reason for the screaming, which in this case serves as a drain valve for the frustration. Always keep in mind: An unkempt cage creates unpleasant smells and thus reduces the well-being of you and your Amazons.

The Strength is to Be Found in Serenity

Amazons tend to get nervous when they don’t get enough sleep. In the evening you should therefore darken the parrot aviary or protect it from external stimuli. For example, if the animals had a look into the living room, they would unnecessarily churn up the TV program in the evening.

Adequate Humidity

The humidity in the room should be at least 55-60% (preferably more). In this way, you can significantly improve the well-being of the animals and prevent dangerous diseases.

Employment and Variety

You should provide your parrots with enough toys in the aviary. Of course, the small dwelling must not be overloaded. It makes sense to replace the toy at regular intervals. Your animal friends need plenty of activity and, above all, variety. The same applies to toys such as simple branches. These should also be replaced at certain intervals. But that’s not all. Intelligent birds like Amazons need mental exercise. Only if you are willing to plan several hours a day to consciously occupy yourself with the interesting animals should you seriously consider purchasing it. With targeted training (for example with the clicker) you can teach your parrots funny tricks.

Conclusion: Bright and Maintenance-intensive

As you can see, keeping Amazon parrots can be very complex due to the temperament of these fosterlings and should therefore be carefully considered. If you decide to keep amazons, our tips can help you meet the demands of noisy roommates and avoid arguments with the neighborhood. It is important that you have enough patience and empathy for the animals.

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