Allosaurus: What You Should Know

The Allosaurus was a dinosaur considered to be one of the largest carnivores of its time. The name Allosaurus comes from the Greek and means “different lizard”. To this day it is not clear whether it fed on carrion, i.e. animals that were already dead, or whether it was a predator and hunted animals in packs. However, bones from Allosaurus skeletons have been found, suggesting that it was a predator. Allosaurus probably also ate smaller species of dinosaurs.

Allosaurs lived on Earth for 10 million years. However, this time was about 150 million years ago. They could be up to twelve meters long and weigh several tons. They walked on two legs and had a large tail that they used for balance.

The Allosaurus can be recognized by its powerful hind legs and forearms and its very flexible neck. Like sharks, its very sharp teeth have always grown back if it lost them in a fight, for example.

Allosaurs were at home in open and dry areas with larger rivers. Complete Allosaurus skeletons can be viewed in Germany in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main or in the Museum of Natural History in Berlin. In Berlin it is a copy of an animal found in the USA.

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