Alaskan Malamute: What is Actually…??

Coprophagia? Does My Dog ​​Eat Poop?

You can try to prevent it. By preventing him from getting to it. But there are many if not most dogs that do this 🙁 Tabasco etc. doesn’t help. Malamutes will eat anything. So let it be and take care that the dog does not get any legacies.

False pregnancy

is completely normal. In the wolf pack, the alpha is mated, the others become pseudopregnant in order to step in an emergency. Put toys etc. away so the bitch has no object to mother. Chill the teats. It will pass as it came. Pregnancy doesn’t help.

Dominance gestures

My female mounts my male, doesn’t she know how to do it? My old male is stepping up to the young one. Is he homosexual? No! Mounting is always a dominant gesture.
Reaching over the muzzle is a dominant gesture. Put yourself above the others as well. Stand straight in front of the other, cross his path. make “brush”. threatening to wag.

Calming signal

Yawning, looking away, licking muzzle, licking fur, constant touching of fur, kicking paws (milk kick), lowering tail, ears back, friendly wagging, presenting neck

Aggressive behavior

Tail wagging half-up tight, staring, ears back, nose curled, lips loose, teeth bared = anxious aggression,
Tail very high, wagging dominantly, ears high, nose curled up, lips taut, teeth bared = attack posture

Bite inhibition

There is a biting inhibition towards puppies. In the pack and only there. Pack puppies are part of it, they are not bitten, they are not even brought up “properly” for the first few months. Your consistent upbringing begins in the teenager phase. But, there is no inhibition to bite foreign puppies. Everything that is not from your own pack does not enjoy any protection!


“Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods” (biologically suitable raw food) i.e. species-appropriate feeding according to the natural needs of the dog. A good thing, which one should nevertheless not be uncritical of, like everything that is pursued with fanaticism… Especially in the BARF is not without danger during the rearing phase Too much or too few vital vitamins and minerals but above all an unbalanced Ph: Ca ratio can lead to exorbitant damage to the skeleton.

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