Adopt an Adult Dog

Abandoned puppies get quick help finding new homes. But for adult dogs, it is usually much more difficult. Would you dare?

In the US, November is also called “Adopt a senior pet month”. A whole month where you campaign for people to take care of slightly older abandoned pets, which are often difficult to relocate.
The advantages of a puppy are of course that you can look forward to a long time together and that the puppy (hopefully) has not had time to be so much influenced by previous owners, but you have the opportunity to be involved in shaping the dog from the beginning.

With an older dog, you may not always know much about the dog’s history. What kind of experience does it bring? How has it been treated? And is it really possible to reshape an older dog?
But of course, there are reasons to take on an older dog as well:

Even old dogs need a home.
2. There is a greater risk that they will be killed otherwise.
3. You will (hopefully) not have to train the dog to be room clean.
4. Puppy time can be tough, an older dog has left most of the puppies behind. They are simply a little calmer.
5. Well, older dogs can also learn new things.
6. There is no obvious fact that a homeless dog is a problem dog. Even dogs that are never so family safe can end up in dog kennels for various reasons.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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