Activities with the Sheltie

Since Shelties are playful and very active dogs that are also intelligent, you should encourage these qualities with appropriate activities. Agility, flyball, dog dance, and dog frisbee, for example, are suitable for this. But you can also take Shelties with you for jogging or cycling.

Tip: The herding dogs are also very good companions for a ride with horses because there they can live out their herd and protective instincts and burn themselves out.

You can keep Shelties in a city apartment because of their size, but you will need to move them around a lot. Even if you live in a house, this type of dog needs a lot of exercise and also new surroundings to keep up with their willingness to learn.

Shelties are rather small and that’s why you can take them with you on your travels because they probably won’t last long without you anyway. But they are very sensitive and you must first socialize this breed for such an endeavor and teach them to adapt to new surroundings.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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