Activities with the Saluki

In principle, all training and sports activities are suitable for a Saluki. But he is only really happy if he can run regularly.

How much exercise does a Saluki need?

At best once a day but at least once a week your Saluki should be able to run freely. This can be complicated since the strong hunting instinct can endanger other animals and the dog itself.

Once a Saluki has spotted prey, it can often no longer be controlled, does not listen to commands, and does not pay attention to approaching cars. Salukis can run at over 60 km/h and quickly disappear into the undergrowth.

Tip: In order to offer the dog a species-appropriate life, there are a few solutions.

  • Racetracks and coursing trails allow the Saluki to let off steam in safety.
  • Places without traffic and wildlife, such as a beach, are also good places to run the dog.
  • There are areas that are made available by clubs specifically for the safe run of greyhounds.
  • There your Saluki can run and meet his fellows.
  • If you have a very large fenced-in garden, this is of course also suitable for the Saluki run.

Caution: The hunting instinct could be intensified when coursing.

Can you travel with a Saluki?

Whether it is possible to travel with a Saluki is to be determined individually. In general, these dogs prefer a quiet and orderly life and they need sufficient exercise and safe running opportunities even on vacation.

If these criteria are present, everything depends on the character of the dog. If he is very anxious, a trip could cause him too much stress.

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