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When you hear the word “pond accessories” you might first think of filters or lighting. But even smaller purchases such as hoses or sockets are important accessories for pond construction. Find out everything about helpful “small” pond accessories without which no pond can function.

If you look at pond accessories, the focus is primarily on the “large” areas of pond technology, construction, design, and maintenance. You compare the flow rate of pumps, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of different pond liners, and put together an individually tailored water care set that is specially tailored to the requirements of your own pond. However, many pond owners forget that even small things can have a big effect – and cause problems in and around the pond if they are ignored.

Pond Accessories for the Foil Pond

Most ponds these days are laid out with pond liners. To do this, you first need suitable foil tape. Fixofol, for example, connects individual pond liner sections safely and reliably. This is especially helpful if the pond does not have an oval or round standard shape and you have to work with individual foil cuts. If these cut edges are not properly sealed together from the start, water losses can be expected sooner or later. These holes in the film then first have to be laboriously searched for and patched.

Regardless of where the leaks in the liner come from: you have to mend them one way or another, otherwise the pond will lose more and more water and eventually tip over. A foil repair set is the method of choice here. The high-performance adhesive contained is fish and plant-friendly and can be easily applied thanks to the nozzle supplied; the necessary pieces of flick film are also included. This way you can quickly eliminate all leaks and restore a stable water level in the pond.

Pond Design Accessories

If the pond is now equipped with foil, you should think about the design. Waterfalls or streams are not only pretty to look at, but they also increase the oxygen content in the pond. The use of assembly foam is worthwhile here. If you use special pond accessories, you avoid unsightly discoloration: After hardening, the mounting foam turns dark gray and is not noticeable between the attached stones.

In addition, there is hardly a pond that can do without hoses. Whether for connecting filters and pumps, for connecting water features, or for feeding streams: none of this works without a hose. The diverse selection of hoses on offer ranges from hoses for pumping air to non-kinkable spiral hoses and hose trolleys.

Flow regulators and a hose coupling system are ideal additions to various pond hoses. With their help, you can regulate the water flow individually, feed several water features from one water source, and much more. This opens up completely new design options.

Security with Electricity

Every child knows: water and electricity are incompatible. Of course, this also applies to the use of electrical engineering on the pond. However, literally, nothing works without electricity in the home pond: pumps and filters have to be operated, water features fed and lighting kept running. Therefore, particularly high safety standards apply to the technology at the pond.

These include, for example, special socket distributors and garden sockets for use in the open air. They are weatherproof, can be anchored or hung in the ground, and ensure that everything in the pond is supplied with sufficient electricity. Depending on the accessories, you also need an (underwater) transformer: It converts the conventional mains voltage (230 volts) into a harmless 12-volt low voltage. This makes working on the pond with electricity a lot safer.

Accessories for Water and Fish Care

The water level regulator automatically controls the water level in the pond and even refills water if necessary. Regardless of whether the changed water level is caused by nature, for example through rain or intense sunlight, or whether water is lost when filtering through drum or bead filters: the water level regulator registers these fluctuations and automatically replenishes the missing amount of water. To do this, the system must be connected to the house water pipe.

A landing net is useful for removing fish from the pond. You can also use it as an “extended arm” to collect leaves and other unwanted things from the pond surface. You can also use it to retrieve wireless accessories from the pond floor. Especially deep ponds present owners with great challenges in this regard.

The feed ball, a transparent ball, is a pond accessory with several advantages. On the one hand, it ensures activity in pond fish, because they can only free the food from the ball by bumping into it and causing it to turn. Only then does the fish food fall out of the ball through the approx. 1 cm large openings. This is also exciting to see for the pond owner, as the fish stay on the surface for a long time when they are occupied with the food ball. On the other hand, it prevents the fish food from spreading over the entire pond surface, getting tangled in plants and eventually sinking unnoticed and polluting the water level. So there is really only as much food available as the pond dwellers actually eat.

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