8 Signs Your Dog May Be Depressed – Experts Say

Dogs have a keen sense of their owners’ emotions. But what about our feeling for the feelings of our dogs?

No matter how big or small your dog is, they are sensitive creatures and, like humans, are subject to emotions. Even the dog knows joy, happiness, fear and pain!

If your dog shows the following signs, then it may be that he is prone to depression or may have already developed it!

He retreats from you

Do you have the feeling that your four-legged friend is withdrawing from you, rather hiding from you and avoiding you?

Instead of coming towards you happily wagging his tail, does he hide in the closet and barely respond to you?

This can be a sign of depression caused by separation anxiety and pain. But also note that dogs withdraw when they feel physically ill and clarify all the causes with your veterinarian!

Your dog suddenly reacts aggressively in some situations

Depression is often equated with sadness. However, mood swings can also indicate that depression is developing.

If furniture is suddenly attacked or even destroyed, or if he growls at well-intentioned attentions, then your quick reaction is required.

It doesn’t always have to be depression. Aggression can also stem from physical pain, such as an undetected injury. Be sure to discuss possible causes with your veterinarian.

Your furry friend sleeps through the day

Bad feelings make us humans want to crawl into bed all day and sleep through the world.

If you notice that your four-legged friend is exhibiting a similar habit and is lying more and more in his basket to sleep, then research into the cause is the order of the day.

Sadness can result from altered daily rituals. Perhaps you had less time for him due to professional stress?

Your dog hardly sleeps anymore

Restlessness can also be a sign of onset of depression or mood swings.

If you notice that your dog hardly sleeps or sleeps poorly, then try to change the daily rhythm. Take care of him a little more and assure him of your affection.

Dogs can also take over their owner’s restlessness. If this is the case for you, then you need to calm down yourself before you can help your pet!

Your formerly lively friend may not go out anymore

Many of the dog breeds popular in Germany have a pronounced urge to move.

They’d sooner get you off the couch than talk them into going for a walk or jog. In any weather!

If your darling suddenly no longer comes to you, possibly with the leash already in its snout, this can be the first sign of depression.

Depression is characterized by listlessness. Since physical complaints can also be a trigger here, a visit to the veterinarian is essential!

Your playful dog refuses playtime together

Do you have a dog that is not a real athlete, but actually enjoys playing in the living room?

Even though you have set up a fun hidden object game with treats for him, does he not even sniff in the direction of the otherwise popular crackers?

Pay attention to whether this behavior continues or maybe it was just a one-off experience!

Your dog suddenly suffers from a lack of appetite

If in the past the bowl was always licked clean, if you now find more leftovers or bowls with dog food that have not been touched at all, then depression can be on the way.

Loss of appetite, like listlessness, can be one of the first signs and should be carefully observed!

Your darling is starting to put on bacon

As in humans, depression or mood swings can lead to binge eating.

If you suddenly find yourself eating everything, constantly begging and giving in, finding treats in the cracks of the sofa, your dog may be looking for comfort.

Clarify the causes with your vet here, don’t just put him on a diet!

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Written by Mary Allen

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