8 Signs Your Dog Is Over-Intelligent

Just as parents always consider their own children to be the best, sweetest and most well-behaved, dog owners like to impress their listeners with the high level of intelligence of their four-legged family members.

Of course, your own dog is the smartest, smartest head and masters every challenge.

If you want to know whether you can really praise your best friend over the green clover, then pay attention to the signs that we are now describing:

He learns a new command after the 3rd to 5th repetition

Border collies, poodle breeds and German shepherds in particular are considered smart enough to understand a command after just a few repetitions and exercises.

You are welcome to think of a new word and teach it to your darling. You will quickly see how many exercise repetitions you need.

He also remembers old and little-used commands

Super smart dogs can learn and remember between 160 and 200 words. Once you’ve followed the many parenting recommendations and made a list of your commands, pick a command that you use very little.

By the second repetition at the latest, your four-legged friend should know what it means.

Your dog also understands combined commands

For example, a combined command could be “Stay and stay!” be. Particularly useful if you want to take your temperamental rascal with you to the catering trade.

The faster and more successfully you can intertwine and use commands, the smarter your furry companion will be!

He understands new commands spoken by other family members

Dogs often don’t respond to words as much as they do to tone of voice or even gestures.

As a result, it can happen that the family dog only listens to the educator and only slowly realizes that the children can pronounce the words with a different intonation, but mean the same thing.

The faster your dog follows commands from everyone in the family, no matter the tone or pitch, the smarter he is!

Your dog will also learn commands from other family members

I’m sure you’ve dealt with dog owners who complain that they keep finding out that their dog knows new commands that the kids taught him.

Sometimes only gestures or sounds are a command from child to dog. Intelligent and sensitive family dogs know how to interpret and follow these, even for small children!

Intelligence games have to be constantly redesigned and made more difficult

Dogs can definitely count compared to other animals. It is believed that they were the first to use it to keep their pack together and that this ability was later used specifically for herding dogs.

This natural ability can be encouraged through intelligence games for dogs. If your darling is getting faster and faster at finding solutions and needs more and more challenges, he is definitely super smart!

Your dog has high social skills

We like to emphasize that you should socialize your puppy or young dog as soon as possible. So you bring him together with friends and acquaintances, also other dogs.

The more relaxed your dog reacts to these encounters, the higher its social skills and thus its IQ.

He recognizes what you want to say by your attitude and your feelings

Dogs are very sensitive animals and this sensitivity is also a hallmark of intelligence.

The better your dog is integrated into your life and your family, the faster he will recognize from your charisma alone when it is time to cuddle, when it is time for play and fun or when it is time for rest and restraint!

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