7 Signs Your Cat is Happy

Is your cat happy, are you happy too? Then it is worthwhile to know how you can tell whether your kitty is really feeling good. Because in this way you can make sure at the same time that she is healthy, that she is not missing anything and that she is not stressed.

If your cat looks even-tempered and purrs a lot, that is a good sign that he is happy. And otherwise?

What else you should look out for with your kitty, we’ll tell you here:

Healthy Appetite

A bad mood hits the stomach – even with four-legged friends. Therefore, if your cat wants to eat little or nothing at all, this is always a cause for concern. But even if the kitty suddenly eats more than usual, you should look for the reasons for it.

This could mean that she is bored, alone, or depressed. “There is evidence that food is a psychological coping mechanism for cats, too, for stress and other triggers for dissatisfaction,” explains animal researcher Dr. Franklin McMillan to “PetMD”.

Physical Health

There is a saying: the body is the mirror of the soul. If your cat has any health problems, it could indicate that she is not feeling particularly well mentally either. Routine veterinary examinations are therefore mandatory. It’s always better if illnesses are detected early – so your kitty doesn’t suffer any longer than necessary.

Your Cat Purrs When It is Happy

Most people know that when a cat is happy, it purrs. This is a pretty sure sign that she is happy and doing well. But be careful: if in doubt, the purring can also have other meanings. Some cats also purr to calm themselves down in stressful situations. Or when they are in pain.

Pure Relaxation

Is your cat lying very quietly in its favorite spot with its paws under its body? Clearly: She is visibly relaxed. Most likely she is completely free from stress or anxiety right now. She is just happy!

Lucky Cats Love to Play

In addition to this relaxed state of rest, it is just as good a sign if your cat is alert, active, and playful. “Scientists believe that gaming is a luxury behavior. Living things only play when all of their important needs are met, ”explains Dr. McMillan. A playing puss seems to want for nothing.

Your Cat is Looking for You

Regardless of whether you are just walking in the door or relaxing on the sofa – your cat is always looking for you to be around? Veterinarian Dr. According to Ann Hohenhaus, this also points to a happy cat. She explains that to the “Pet Central”. Other good signs of happy cats include kneading their pillow with their paws or offering their belly to be petted.

Normal Litter Box Behavior

“Litter box, litter box, yes that makes the cat happy!” If you don’t know this classic by Helge Schneider: The song doesn’t reveal the whole truth. Because if your cat is not happy, the likelihood that it will do its business outside of the litter box increases. Dr. According to Hohenhaus, the cat could instead mark a wall with its urine, for example. Sometimes it is enough to make sure that the litter box is always kept clean.

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