7 Funny Leonberger Dog Costumes For Halloween 2022

An impressive large dog with a lion-like appearance. But he is a real family dog. Because Leonberger has a friendly nature, is calm and relaxed. He is always loyal to his owner and feels very comfortable as a family member. Would you like to get to know the magnificent four-legged friend better?

#1 As the name of the four-legged friend already suggests, it has its origins in the city of Leonberg.

In this, the lion is the symbol of the city and characterizes the coat of arms. Therefore, the city councilor Heinrich Essig crossed a Newfoundland bitch with a St. Bernard male in the 19th century. A Pyrenean mountain dog was also crossed. The aim should be to breed a lion-like dog. So in 1846, the first Leonberger saw the light of day. Soon after, the fur noses inspired people all over the world. For example, Empress Sissi is said to have owned a Leonberger.

#2 Initially, the dog breed was very popular, especially as a guard dog. Because the strong physique and the loud barking were ideal conditions.

Today, the Leonberger is particularly in demand as a family and companion dog, as it also gets along well with children.

#3 Strong, muscular, tall and elegant – that’s what characterizes the Leonberger.

With his powerful, lion-like appearance, he inspires many dog lovers.

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