7 Best Keeshond Costumes For Halloween 2022

This pedigree dog, which is also known abroad under the name Keeshond, owes its German name Wolfsspitz to its grey-clouded coat color, which is reminiscent of a wolf. The Wolfsspitz is an ideal guard dog, which is also suitable as a companion and family dog thanks to its people-related and undemanding attitude.

#1 The docile and friendly nature of the Wolfsspitz stands in contrast to its primitive, almost wild appearance. The dense, medium-length fur has plenty of undercoat and is silver-grey in color with black hair tips.

#2 As is typical for a Spitz, the Keeshond also has a pointed, fox-like snout.

The muzzle and ears are usually black, the bushy mane surrounding the shoulder ring is a lighter silver-grey and gets darker again on the back and belly. The tail is very bushy and carried confidently over the back.

#3 To this day, the Wolfsspitz is known for its faithfulness and loyalty.

Coupled with his high alertness, his mistrust of strangers and his early attack, these qualities made him an excellent and extremely popular watchdog among farmers and other large landowners.

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