6 Tips Against Cat Hair On The Couch And Clothes

Does your four-legged friend lint? That’s no problem because with these tips the annoying cat hair disappears from the couch and clothes in no time.

As much as we love our fluffy house tigers, their hair is flying all over the apartment, sometimes getting on our last nerves. With these 6 tips, you can reduce hair on the couch and clothes to a minimum.


If you haven’t just decided on a hairless cat, you’ll quickly notice how much fur a kitty loses every day. If two house tigers chase each other through the living room, one or two tufts of hair will also fall.

The problem becomes really acute in the transitional seasons when winter coats change to summer coats and vice versa.

It is, therefore, best to include grooming your velvet paws in your daily routine. This is how you get to the root of the problem and at the same time do something for the bond with your mini tiger.

Depending on the animal’s preferences, you can brush or comb the fur. This is even more playful with special care gloves, with which you can simply put your darling and remove tufts of fur at the same time.

Clean upholstered furniture and carpets

Despite daily fur care, hair on the sofa, armchairs, and carpets cannot be avoided. It is best to choose textiles with short and smooth fibers in which the hair does not get stuck as much.

Lint brushes are recommended for removing hair on smaller areas. If you want to clean a larger sofa or a carpet, it is usually faster with special vacuum cleaner attachments or devices specially designed for removing pet hair.

If the hair is too firmly anchored in the textiles, it can help to rub the surfaces with a damp leather or microfibre cloth or a damp rubber glove. The latter is still considered an insider tip, but it works incredibly well!

Keep floors clean

Smooth surfaces such as laminate, parquet, or tiles are generally easier to keep clean. If you want to fight the tufts of fur, you cannot avoid vacuuming as often as possible. Choose a model with high suction power. If you keep certain rooms, such as children’s or guest rooms, free of cats, the effort is reduced.

Adding fleece blankets to snuggly cat spaces can also help. They almost magically attract the cat hair so that it stays in place instead of whirling all over the place.

The right choice of clothes

Conversely, when choosing clothes: avoid fabrics such as fleece or wool if you want to cuddle with your kitties. Cat hair does not get caught as quickly on smoother textiles.

Your clothes are even less susceptible if you use fabric softener when washing, which smoothes the textile fibers.

Clean clothes

If cat hair got lost on your pants and sweater, you can remove it with a lint brush or packing tape. It’s even easier with a tumble dryer. It blows annoying hair out of clothing, blankets, bed linen, or upholstery.

Since the hair in the water often penetrates even deeper into the fabric, textiles should also be depilated with the dryer or the lint brush before washing. It is also important to regularly clean the fluff filters in washing machines and tumble dryers.

Store fresh laundry

If the laundry is clean and, above all, finally free of hair, it often doesn’t last long. Velvet paws love to lie down in mountains of fresh laundry or look for cozy retreats in wardrobes.

If you are bothered by the hair on your clothes, you should not give your cat the opportunity to do so. Better put washed clothes in the closet right away and leave the doors tightly closed.

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