6 Breeders of a Havanese in Iowa (IA)

If you live in Iowa and are trying to find Havanese puppies for sale near you, then this article is for you. In this post, you can find a list of Havanese breeders in Iowa.

The Havanese is a typical companion dog. He is energetic, optimistic, and friendly. The owner is the main reference point for the dog, so he likes to spend every moment with him. A combination of loyalty and intelligence, the Havanese is easy to train.

How old can a Havanese get?

13-15 years

Is a Havanese a barker?

Havanese aren’t barkers, but when they’re not being exercised and getting too little attention, they can draw attention to themselves by barking.

How heavy can a Havanese get?

4,5 – 7,3 kg

Are Havanese Prone to Disease?

The Havanese can live up to 15 years. He is one of the healthy dog breeds and is not overbred. It is quite robust and not very susceptible to disease. Breed-typical or genetic diseases are rarely present in the small Cuban.

Can you go jogging with a Havanese?

Since the Havanese is very docile and wants to please his mistress or master, in principle any dog sport is suitable for him.

How Healthy is the Havanese Breed?

Havanese are quite healthy dogs. Eye problems, such as increased tear flow, can occur. In addition, as with many small breeds, patella luxation (knee problems) can occur. Therefore, when buying a puppy, you should make sure that both parents are PL-free.

Online Havanese Breeders

AKC MarketPlace

Adopt a Pet

Puppies For Sale Today

Havanese Puppies For Sale in Iowa (IA)

Just Jubilant Havanese

Address – 2086 310th St, Rowley, IA 52329, United States

Phone – +1 319-530-9033

Website –

Century Farm Puppies

Address – 22928 270th St, Grundy Center, IA 50638, United States

Phone – +1 319-415-8009

Website –

Coldwater Kennel

Address – 12059 Camp Comfort Rd, Greene, IA 50636, United States

Phone – +1 641-823-5862

Website –

Squaw Creek Kennels

Address – Box 20, 745 Cherry St, Barnes City, IA 50027, United States

Phone – +1 641-644-5245

Website –

Petland Iowa City

Address – 1851 Lower Muscatine Rd, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

Phone – +1 319-535-4206

Website –

Heritage Puppies

Address – 4348 Bluebill Ave, Lake Mills, IA 50450, United States

Phone – +1 641-590-1106

Website –

Average Price of a Havanese Puppy Iowa (IA)

$1,000 to $3,000

FAQs about Havanese

Which brush for Havanese puppies?

Medium-sized comb for combing the entire coat down to the skin and detangling tangles and tangles (e.g. detangling comb with rotating bristles) Fine comb for beard and face. Plucking brushes for easy and quick combing out of tangles. Rounded scissors for paw care.

What do you need for a Havanese puppy?

  • Puppy food (it is best to ask the breeder what food the dog is used to);
  • Snacks;
  • Bed and dog blankets;
  • Leash and collar or harness.

When is a Havanese no longer a puppy?

At 8-10 months at the latest, your Havanese will stop growing. Until then he has a final size of 21-29 cm. Depending on the size of the stick, the weight of the dog varies between 3.5 and 6 kilograms. Although the dog is now fully grown, it is still only valid at approx.

How often should you brush a Havanese?

After the Havanese has completely changed its coat from baby to adult fur at the age of approx. 12-15 months, brushing and combing twice a week (depending on the condition of the fur) is sufficient. The adult coat is much easier to care for because there is no longer any undercoat.

How strong-haired Havanese?

Even well-known small breeds of the Bichon type, such as the Maltese, Bolognese, Bichon or Havanese, hardly or not at all shed and are therefore very allergy-friendly.

What to do if the dog refuses to be brushed?

Have a second person help you. She slowly and calmly gives a treat over and over as you begin to brush your dog. Only practice this briefly at first and avoid any painful tugging. Remember to subtract the number of treats from the main food.

How do I get my dog to be brushed?

Before brushing, calm your furry friend by petting them first. Let him sniff the brush so he understands what’s going on and smells his own smell on the brush. Then start brushing him gently in an area where he likes to be petted.

How often do I have to brush my dog?

When the tramp changes its fur, it is advisable to brush it daily. If only to keep all that hair out of your house. Ideally, dogs with medium-length hair should be brushed every other day, while a long-haired dog should have it as a daily routine.

How often do dogs brush when changing coats?

If your dog has a silky coat, it will need daily brushing and combing. Your dog needs intensive grooming during the change of coat. You should brush wire-coated, smooth-coated, or long-coated breeds with a lot of undercoats with a suitable brush at least once a week.

How often to remove the undercoat?

A dog should be stripped of its undercoat at least twice a year, if only for health reasons. Even better every 3-4 months.

Should you brush puppies?

All puppies should be brushed daily – and not just because it’s good for their skin and coat. Brushing also teaches your puppy to accept being touched by people. Strengthens the relationship between you. You will also get to know your dog’s body.

How long does it take for a Havanese to change its coat?

The hair of Bichon breed dogs (“lap dogs”) such as the Havanese, Maltese, or Bolognese has a longer growth phase and are therefore not subject to seasonal shedding.

Havanese Puppies for Sale: Breeders Near Me

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