6 Annoying Behaviors of Huskies

Huskies are beautiful animals, but they also have habits that we do not want and should not tolerate. Here are some common problems we face in huskies and other dogs. The problem is recognized but not problem banned at the same time. Training out these annoying behaviors takes time and can be nerve-wracking for you as the owner.

With all dogs, but especially with huskies, it’s important to be consistent. Dogs don’t understand “sometimes”. You must reward good behavior. When your dog does something right, give him praise. Even if he does it accidentally at first.

Punishment is the wrong parenting method. Most likely, your dog doesn’t know what exactly was wrong. And so he only gets scared of you. But you must be his trusted and consistent pack leader. Anything else would worsen your relationship. So instead of punishing bad behavior, ignore it and praise good behavior.

#1 Storm through open doors

There are always huskies who - if they are lucky - end up in animal shelters because the door was opened for the postman or a delivery person and the husky stormed out immediately. When your husky is chipped, the shelter will get in touch with you. Unfortunately, it also happens that such an impetuous flight leads to an accident or that the animals get completely lost. So you're lucky if he's dropped off at an animal shelter. But it shouldn't come to that.

It is very important to make it clear to your dog early on that he may not cross the threshold unless you give your OK. The best way to train this is to put the dog on a leash and let him sit. Now open the door. If the dog starts to go through the door, say "no" and block the way. He has to sit down again and you repeat opening the door until he doesn't get up when you open it and wants to go out.

Be sure to reward the dog for each success. After several successes and waiting while opening the door, the next step can follow. You now go over the threshold yourself and tell the dog to sit still. Then give the resolution command, something like "Go" or "Los". The dog goes out after you. Now don't reward him! No fuss and big fanfare, because then he'll start running again the next time. The reward is only for staying seated.

It's important to be consistent every time you walk out the door. It is imperative that you keep to this ritual, even if you are in a hurry. And be prepared that another dog or cat might walk by outside and your Husky might forget all the rules you've learned. But the more you practice and the more your dog trusts you, the less likely this is.

#2 Chew

A dog chews to relieve stress. But chewing is also important for oral hygiene. If your Husky has a need to chew, he will satisfy that as well. Therefore, provide chew toys that your dog can chew on without hesitation.

Dog toys should be real dog toys, not old socks or blankets. The dog does not know the difference between old and new. He also likes to take the newly bought luxury blanket for the sofa. And if you have small children in the house: Remember, your dog does not know the difference between his stuffed dog and the child's. Provide the dogs with a toy in each room of the house so they are available when your dog wants to chew. Furniture, sofas, chairs, and carpets are relatively safe.

However, if your dog prefers to chew on your furniture rather than his toys, you can spray the furniture with substances that taste foul to him. Some examples are bitter apple, paprika juice, lemon juice, and other commercially available bitters. If you are only out of the house for a short time, you can also put the dog in its transport box or outside in a dog run.

#3 Digging and digging

Husky owners can sing a song about it, the garden looks like a lunar landscape. Because her husky has let off steam as a landscape gardener.

Digging is a natural behavior and some dogs cannot be untrained from it. It is best to create an empire for your husky in a part of your yard. There he can dig and dig as much as he wants.

In the part of the yard that is important to you, where you want the lawn and flowers to remain as you are, you should only let your Husky in if you are supervising him. Unfortunately, that's the only 100 percent guarantee that your dog won't dig.

Many huskies can stop digging, but few dig completely. Especially digging along the fence is a problem. Your husky quickly dug under the fence and ran away.

There are several ways to protect the fence. Stepping stones or paving stones or a sandbox for your dog.

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