50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Jack Russells (with Names)

Jack Russell Terriers are known for their spunky personalities and loyalty. Many celebrities have taken a liking to these adorable dogs and welcomed them into their homes. Here are 50 celebrities who own Jack Russell Terriers with names:

Hugh Jackman – Dali and Allegra
Charlize Theron – Tucker
Michael J. Fox – Eddie
Britney Spears – Bit Bit
Kelly Osbourne – Polly
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi – Augie
Tom Hardy – Woody
Hugh Grant – Rufus
Martha Stewart – Ghenghis Khan and Francesca
Uma Thurman – Nina
Courteney Cox – Hopper
Robert Pattinson – Bear
Joan Rivers – Spike
Edie Falco – Marley
Jennifer Aniston – Norman
Heidi Klum – Harley
Kaley Cuoco – Petey
John Cleese – Rufus
Adele – Louie
Brad Pitt – Jacques
Prince Harry – Dookie
David Walliams – Bert
Reese Witherspoon – Lou
Eva Longoria – Jinxy
Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker – Jack
Teri Hatcher – Elvis
Jerry Seinfeld – Foxy
Bette Midler – Bella
Ron Howard – Wally
Sandra Bullock – Poppy
Alec Baldwin – William
Martha Plimpton – Rosie
Jonathan Ross – Mr. Pickle
Chevy Chase – Charlie
Kevin Spacey – Legacy
Rachel Hunter – Casper
Mariah Carey – Cha Cha
Sharon Osbourne – Minnie
Bruce Willis – Iggy
Sarah Michelle Gellar – Thor
Dakota Fanning – Max
Ashley Olsen – Lucy
Paul McCartney – Martha
Terrence Howard – Zozo
John Travolta – Loki
Caroline Rhea – Jake
Kevin Kline – Sarah
Kate Moss – Archie
Jim Carrey – George
Glenn Close – Pip

These Jack Russell Terriers have a range of unique and adorable names, reflecting their individual personalities and their celebrity owners’ tastes. Whether they are named after famous figures or just a favorite food, these dogs are beloved members of their families.

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