50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Irish Setters (with Names)

Irish Setters are a beautiful and beloved breed of dog known for their fiery red coat and boundless energy. Many celebrities have fallen in love with these dogs and have made them a part of their families. Here are 50 celebrities and their beloved Irish Setters, along with their names:

Clint Eastwood – Whiskey
Brad Pitt – Dublin
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – Shannon
David Bowie – Lucy
Jacqueline Bisset – Coogan
Ronald Reagan – Peggy
Florence Henderson – Irish
Burt Reynolds – Rusty
Bo Derek – Tory
Peter Falk – Cashew
Justin Timberlake – Charlie
Oprah Winfrey – Gracie
Bruce Springsteen – Chief
Kelly Clarkson – Joplin
Pierce Brosnan – Dylan
Drew Barrymore – Flossie
Eric Clapton – Armani
John Lennon – Amber
Chris O’Donnell – Baloo
Michael Caine – Rufus
Elizabeth Taylor – Winky
William Shatner – Oliver
Julie Andrews – Angel
Ryan Gosling – George
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Taylor
Richard Gere – Homer
Drew Carey – Speedy
Ellen DeGeneres – Wally
Michael J. Fox – Copper
Sarah McLachlan – Jake
Jerry Seinfeld – Sally
Richard Branson – Barney
Ryan Reynolds – Baxter
Meg Ryan – Daisy
Robert De Niro – Alvin
Naomi Campbell – Rufus
Ed O’Neill – Mako
Jane Fonda – Pippin
Scott Eastwood – Freddie
Jane Seymour – Koda
Robin Williams – Mork
Hilary Duff – Beau
Katie Couric – Dublin
Ashley Judd – Buttermilk
Charlize Theron – Tucker
Martha Stewart – Ghenghis Khan
Katie Holmes – Joe
Johnny Cash – June Carter Cash
George Lucas – Toshi
Jessica Simpson – Daisy

Irish Setters are truly a beloved breed among many celebrities, and with good reason. Their energetic and playful personalities make them great family pets, while their striking red coats make them a standout in any crowd. It’s easy to see why so many famous people have fallen in love with these amazing dogs.

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