5 Typical Health Problems In Pugs

Before purchasing a Pug, everyone should be aware of any health issues specific to this breed and carefully consider whether it is right for the family.

Like most dog breeds, the pug also has its little health problems that may never appear, or that can lead to illnesses sooner or later. Here we aim to discuss basic pug health issues and answer common questions that have come up over the years.

#1 Luxating patella in pugs

The luxating patella is quite widespread in the classic pug and in general usage refers to flexible knee joints that are insufficiently held by the ligaments and can jump out. The result is pain and limping. One can recognize this disease quite quickly when one notices that the pug has difficulty sitting down, standing up, and climbing stairs. Although a luxating patella can occur in any dog, due to the anatomy and past breeding results of this breed, it is more common than normal. Obesity can also promote or exacerbate these problems. In severe cases, surgery is required to allow the dog to walk pain-free again and prevent arthritis from developing. The surgery is relatively expensive but very often successful.

In mild cases, no surgery is necessary. Many pugs have an unrecognized luxated patella and grow old with it.

#2 Progressive retinal atrophy

The "PRA" refers to a degeneration of the vessels on the retina of the dog. First, the pug becomes night blind which can even lead to blindness.

#3 Pigment keratitis

The eye disease has occurred when a white area appears on the pug eyes. It is most often a result of an irritated, injured, or irritated cornea on the eye. Pigment keratitis can be corrected with appropriate surgery.

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