5 Things Your Cat Hates

Anyone who has a cat makes many decisions every day – from food to scratching posts. But some that we find meaningful encounter incomprehension among our kitties.

Do you know that, too? Sometimes, for some inexplicable reason, your cat seems to be really resenting you. And that’s actually not surprising – after all, cats can be quite picky: Your cat can resent you even seemingly insignificant decisions. Regardless of whether it is about cat food, the litter box, or the scratching post.

But do not worry: you are not alone with these wrong decisions. That is why PetReader explains which decisions most owners make wrong for their cat – and what should be done instead.

The Wrong Cat Food

Most cat owners know that kitties can be really picky when it comes to food. This makes it all the more difficult to make decisions about the right delicacies for the cat. Even if you only buy the most expensive food: this is by no means a quality feature for your velvet paw.

Therefore there is usually no point in forcing the cat to do something that it does not want to eat. Instead: keep looking. And let the vet clarify whether the refusal to feed really isn’t a disease.

You Petted Your Cat Too Long or in the Wrong Place

Your cat is just letting you scratch your cat with relish – and she’s already lashing out at you with her paw. Sure, that seems to be pretty rough behavior. Basically, your cat only communicates what it doesn’t like at the moment. Experts have known for a long time that interaction and closeness must best come from the cat so that it feels really comfortable with it.

In addition, many cats have certain places where they do not like being petted. For example on the stomach. Therefore, always pay close attention to your cat’s body language before simply petting it. And always keep an eye on their reactions, even when cuddling.

Going to the Bathroom Without a Cat

It sounds like a simple decision: when you go to the bathroom, you want to be left alone. So Kitty stays in front of the door. However, your cat can quickly acknowledge this with loud meowing – or with indignant scratching at the closed door. Because many cats like to follow their masters everywhere. Yes: even to the toilet.

The reason: Your cat may simply be curious and want to know exactly what you are doing. Maybe she also likes to lie in the sink or play with the tap. But it can also be that your cat is afraid of loss and therefore does not want to part with you. If in doubt, talk to your vet to rule out possible health causes.

Wrong Litter Box Decisions

“Litter box, litter box, yes that makes the cat happy,” sang Helge Schneider. However, this is by no means always the case. Cats are often particularly fussy about their hygiene. Means: Even small decisions can be decisive for your cat’s war.

Is the litter box always clean? Is it in a quiet place? Did you hand out enough litter boxes for the cats? All of this can determine how much your kitty likes going to her quiet place. Tip: In general, experts always recommend installing one more litter box than cats who live in the household.

You Haven’t Got Your Cat Used to the Transport Box

Does your velvet paw tear away as soon as you come around the corner with its transport box? That is probably not because of the box. It’s more because your kitty associates it with a visit to the vet. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your cat accepts the box.

Just make sure that your cat associates the box with more positive impressions. For example, you can put your favorite blanket inside. Leave the transport box in the apartment for a while. So your cat can explore and eye the eerie object in peace. Toys and catnip can also ensure that she slowly approaches the transport box. If your cat sits down in it, you can praise it and give it more treats.

Your Cat Hates the New Scratching Post

The old scratching post looks pretty torn and has generally already passed its prime? Many cat owners do not hesitate long, of course, they buy their kitty a new, much nicer scratching post. Gratitude from the cat, on the other hand, does not always come – it may even avoid it first.

The reason for this is usually that cats are creatures of habit. You have to get used to the new scratching post first. You’ll see that she’ll be frolicking soon after. But she would have been happy with the old one for a while longer – as long as there was no risk of injury.

In general: wrong decisions are part of life, also when living together with your cat. The most important thing, however, is to learn from it and to observe which decisions your cat is more comfortable with. Because ultimately you only want one thing: the best for your cat.

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