5 Signs Your Dog Is Extremely Jealous

They seem to adapt perfectly to our everyday human life and fit seamlessly into families.

We perceive them as another member of a community and often treat them as a human being. However, we do not always recognize what their wants or needs are.

In contrast to our dogs, we cannot always interpret how our furry darlings are feeling and what emotions are plaguing them at the moment.

Jealousy in Dogs? does that even exist? Yes, dogs can be jealous too and we want to explain 5 signs to you here:

Your dog starts to growl!

If your loved one growls or growls suddenly, this can be a sign of jealousy.

He is showing you that he feels neglected. That you don’t spend enough time with him anymore because you may have let another being into your heart as well.

This can apply to children, a new life partner or another animal.

Your dog tries to displace the “opponent”!

As soon as you cuddle up with your new love on the sofa, your four-legged friend comes running and pushes itself in between?

If you take him for a walk and bend over to greet another dog, does he push the strange four-legged friend aside?

Give your furry darling more attention again, because he is jealous and demands your time for himself!

Does your housebroken dog do his business in the living room?

He also wants to draw your attention with this action because he feels neglected by you.

He doesn’t do his business behind the flower pot, but in such a way that you have to stumble over it!

Scolding is not appropriate now. Rather, it would encourage him because even scolding requires you to engage with him.

Be consistent, but don’t take your love away from him!

Is your dog constantly getting in your way?

The fact that he constantly stands in your way can have various reasons. You’re stressed out at work and you’ve changed your daily routine and he doesn’t feel as cared for as he used to.

But it can also be the case that a new person has entered your life and is hindering you if you want to give them your attention.

Try to include him more in your life again.

Your darling shows aggressive behavior!

Now there’s fire on the roof!
You can’t condone this behavior, of course, but you also have to see that you can’t suddenly banish your dog to the sidelines just because you have someone new in your life!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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