5 Reasons Your Cat Loves You

Cats sometimes have a reputation for being aloof and almost grumpy. Wrongly! Because cats are quite capable of deep affection – also towards us humans. You can read about the reasons why your cat probably loves you very much here.

Hand on heart: Have you ever suspected that your cat secretly sees you as a “can opener”, a source of quick food – and otherwise would be fine without you? Various studies in recent years have shown that this is not the case.

It turned out that cats can form deep emotional bonds with people. Sure, we provide them with food and water – but we also have qualities that our cats appreciate very much.

We reveal which they are here:

You Give Your Cat Security

Cats don’t just need us to be “can openers” – they also need us to feel safe and secure. That’s the result of a study that looked at cats’ emotional ties to humans. It turned out that the presence of their owners gave most cats a lot of security. The kitties then dared to explore new surroundings more confidently.

Your Cat Loves You as a Caregiver

Another conclusion from the study mentioned above: Cats can form just as close, emotional bonds with us like dogs or small children. Because the proportion of cats that showed signs of a secure relationship with their owners was about as high as in similar studies with dogs and children. Because only the dog is man’s best friend!

You Keep Your Cat Healthy

If your cat is sick or in pain, you take them to the vet – that may sound banal, but this act of caring shows your cat that you care for them lovingly.

Because we care more intensively about the health of our cats these days, the average life expectancy of kitties has even more than doubled in the past few decades: According to statistics, it rose from seven years in the 1980s to around 15 years.

You Provide Them with Food and Water

For a healthy cat life, food and water are of course extremely important. Cats are sometimes seen as picky eaters. Nevertheless, you do everything to ensure that she finds her favorite dish and can eat what she likes. Many cat owners even invest in food and water dispensers to provide their kitties with the nutrients and fluids they need – and to keep them happy.

You Play With Your Cat

Speaking of keeping in the mood: thanks to us, cats always have fun playmates at home. Cats love variety and adventure – their instincts satisfy them while playing. This is why your cat loves you for playing fishing games, balls, laser pointers, catnip stuffed animals, and other toys. And by the way, you only strengthen the bond between you when you play together.

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Written by Mary Allen

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