20+ Schnauzer Mixes That Will Leave No One Indifferent

The cute schnauzer is a versatile dog that comes in a variety of sizes. Today there are Miniature, Standard, and Giant Schnauzers, and each size is popular with families in the United States. Regardless of size, schnauzers are known for their coarse coats, distinctive facial features, and adorable personalities. Because of these traits, they are a popular parent breed for many schnauzer mixes.

Their quirky characteristics have made the Schnauzer a popular dog among families for many years. Typically, your schnauzer will acquire some of the traits of each of its purebred parent breeds. Depending on the size of your Schnauzer parent, your mix can range from small to large, with personality traits that fall somewhere between both parental puppies.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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