19 Famous Papillons on TV and Movies

Papillons, also known as “butterfly dogs,” are a breed known for their elegance, intelligence, and charming personalities. These qualities have made them popular with filmmakers and television producers alike. Here are 19 famous Papillons that have appeared on TV and in movies.

Gaston in “Once Upon a Time” (2011-2018) – Gaston was the beloved pet of Belle, the protagonist of this fairy tale-inspired series.

Papillon in “Papillon” (1973) – This classic film starred Steve McQueen as a prisoner trying to escape from a French penal colony. The titular Papillon played a supporting role.

Tito in “Oliver & Company” (1988) – Tito was a spunky Papillon who helped the title character in this Disney animated film.

Pepe in “Legally Blonde” (2001) – Pepe was the beloved pet of the movie’s protagonist, played by Reese Witherspoon.

Papillon in “The World’s Fastest Indian” (2005) – This film starred Anthony Hopkins as a man trying to set a land-speed record on his motorcycle. The titular Papillon played a supporting role.

Kirby in “Mad About You” (1992-1999) – Kirby was a recurring character on this popular sitcom.

Lili in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” (2008) – Lili was one of the many dogs who went on an adventure in this family comedy film.

Oskar in “The Royals” (2015-2018) – Oskar was a recurring character on this drama series about a fictional royal family.

Duchess in “Aristocats” (1970) – Duchess was the elegant and refined mother of three kittens in this classic Disney animated film.

Diego in “The Secret Life of Pets 2” (2019) – Diego was a supporting character in this animated film about the secret lives of pets.

Tobey in “Bones” (2005-2017) – Tobey was a recurring character on this long-running crime drama series.

Papillon in “The Lady and the Tramp” (2019) – This live-action remake of the classic Disney film featured a Papillon in a supporting role.

Arnie in “The Big Bang Theory” (2007-2019) – Arnie was the beloved pet of Bernadette, one of the main characters on this popular sitcom.

Tootsie in “The Bionic Woman” (1976-1978) – Tootsie was the loyal companion of the title character in this classic sci-fi series.

Papi in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” franchise (2008-2015) – Papi was the lovable Chihuahua who starred in all three films in this popular family comedy franchise.

Papillon in “The Queen’s Corgi” (2019) – This animated film about a royal corgi also featured a Papillon in a supporting role.

Gigi in “Hart of Dixie” (2011-2015) – Gigi was a recurring character on this drama series set in a small town in Alabama.

Dodo in “Wings of Fame” (1990) – Dodo was a Papillon who played a supporting role in this fantasy film.

Joy in “The Bachelorette” (2003-present) – Joy was the beloved pet of Becca Kufrin, one of the bachelorettes on this popular reality dating show.

In conclusion, Papillons are a popular breed in Hollywood, having been featured in a wide range of movies and TV shows. From their cute and fluffy appearance to their intelligent and friendly nature, it’s no surprise that they have captured the hearts of many directors and viewers alike. Whether they are playing a crucial role in a plot or simply adding to the ambiance of a scene, these furry little companions have definitely left their paw prints in the entertainment industry.

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