18 Dog Halloween Costume Ideas For Whippets

If you are looking for an easy-care, adventurous, and very sporty four-legged friend who also appreciates cozy cuddling on the couch, you may have found your dream dog with the Whippet. So it’s no wonder that the sympathetic sighthounds wrap more and more animal lovers around their paws.

#1 The dainty, elegant four-legged friend weighs only around 12 kg with a withers height of up to 51 cm.

A look at the dynamic body shows that the breed was bred for top sporting performance. The broad chest and the tucked-up stomach underline the appearance of the fast runner. In fact, the whippet can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h.

#2 The very short coat is allowed in all colors and color combinations.

In its overall appearance, the whippet is reminiscent of a scaled-down version of the greyhound, which has always been very exclusive, and has therefore often been referred to as the "little man's greyhound".

#3 With the delicate rose ears and the large, widely spaced eyes, a whippet can easily rival any dachshund look.

By the way: The tail, which is often carried tucked in, is not a sign of anxiety, but is one of the normal characteristics of the breed.

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