17+ Reasons Pugs Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Miniature companion dogs are very popular. But pugs are becoming especially popular in this regard. And they owe this not only to their non-standard appearance. Dogs are not too difficult to care for and do not need long and too active walks.

Pugs are the oldest Chinese breed of dogs, but the history of their formation is not known for certain, and no one knows who was the ancestor of the pug. But there is an assumption that they descended from the Pekingese. For a long time, the main mission of these dogs – almost three thousand years – was to accompany their owner. Pugs, unlike Pekingese, could be kept in wealthy homes.

Pugs are naturally very calm, and you should not expect increased activity from a pet. The dog loves to spend his free time on his couch or climbing onto a soft sofa. The pug prefers to follow the owner only with his eyes.

Sometimes the animal experiences a surge of energy, which turns it into a real hurricane. But this is not for long – the dog remains active for just a few minutes and then, with a sense of accomplishment, goes to bed.

Pugs have a gentle and friendly character, react well to the presence of strangers in the house. The dog is ideal for families with children and people who prefer to spend time on the couch watching TV. But at the same time, the animal still needs daily walking.

Let’s see if this is so?

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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