17 Interesting Facts About Rat Terriers

The four-legged friend usually reaches a height at the withers of 25 to 45 cm. It is therefore one of the small to medium-sized dog breeds. The four-legged friend reaches a weight of 4 to 15 kilos. The different sizes that the dog can reach are also known as a toy (small dogs), miniature, and standard (largest representatives of the breed).

#1 However, it is quite different with strangers. The Rat Terrier is usually rather suspicious and reserved.

That is why he is quite suitable as a small guard dog.

#2 As the original rat hunting dog, you should expect the Rat Terrier to have a relatively strong hunting instinct.

#3 The four-legged friend is suitable for being kept in a city apartment.

But of course only if he gets enough exercise in the fresh air - preferably in large parks. Regular trips to the forest should also be included.

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