17 Interesting Facts About German Wirehaired Pointers That Will Blow Your Mind

The German Wirehaired Pointer has been perfected as the ideal pointing dog since the late 19th century. While he has since enjoyed great popularity with hunters, he is now being rediscovered as a nature-loving family dog.

FCI group 7: pointing dogs
Section 1.1 – Continental Pointers.
with working exam
country of origin: Germany

FCI standard number: 98
Height at the withers:
Male: 61-68 cm
Female: 57-64 cm
Use: hunting dog

#1 The origin of the German Wirehaired Pointer goes back to the hunting cynologist Sigismund von Zedlitz and Neukirch, who tried to breed a versatile and powerful pointing and full-use dog around 1880.

#2 The new breed should be usable in the field, in the forest, in the mountains and on the water before and after the shot.

#3 For this purpose Pudelpointer, Griffon Korthals, German Stichelhaar and German Shorthaired Pointer were crossed with each other – the result is the German Wirehaired Pointer, a courageous, loyal hunting companion, affectionate family dog ​​and attentive guardian of house and yard.

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