16+ Undeniable Truths Only Siberian Husky Pup Parents Understand

Siberian huskies are active and cheerful dogs, born travelers. They are brave, inquisitive, playful, their optimism and love of life can only be envied. Huskies are great companions. They like to spend time with their families, to go out into nature with their owners, to keep the company in jogging.

Huskies are affectionate, friendly, and trusting. They are so trusting that they will never make good watchmen. These pets joyfully greet even those people whom they see for the first time. Thanks to their good-natured temperament, huskies easily make friends with other dogs. Aggression is not peculiar to them.

#1 When she first hears it’s bath time vs when her face gets blow dried with the cool air afterwards

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