16 Interesting Facts About Leonbergers

The Leonberger was bred as an imposing house and companion dog, which should visually resemble the lion in the coat of arms of its hometown of Leonberg near Stuttgart. His ancestors are the black and white Newfoundland and Saint Bernard. Pyrenean mountain dogs were also crossed.

Other names: “Leo” “Gentle Lion” or “Gentle Giant”

Origin: Germany

Size: giant dog breeds

Group of working dogs

Life expectancy: 8-10 years

Temperament / Activity: Loyal, Companionable, Fearless, Obedient, Affectionate, Adaptable

Height at the withers: females: 65-72 cm (ideally 70), males: 72-80 cm (ideally 76)

Weight: Females: 40.8-59 kg Males: 47.6-74.8 kg

Dog coat colors: yellow, red, mahogany, sandy, lion, golden to reddish brown, sandy with black mask

Puppy Price: around € 1000

Hypoallergenic: no

#1 Like the first two breeds mentioned, the Leonberger is a people-friendly, quiet dog that can also develop guard and protection potential if necessary, possibly due to its herd guardian dog heritage.

#2 As a rule, the Leonberger loves the children of his family more than anything, but like any large dog, should not be left unsupervised with them and their playmates.

#3 A consistent upbringing and integration into the human pack is also elementary for a pleasant coexistence in the Leonberger.

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