16+ Historical Facts About Shiba Inu Dogs You Might Not Know

The Shiba Inu is the oldest hunting dog originally from Japan, outwardly resembling a fox. Brave, hardy, attentive – she is the ideal watchman and companion. Emotionally restrained and unobtrusive, unlike her canine brethren. The character is serious, stubborn, and independent, which resembles a cat.

#1 Archaeologists have found the remains of dogs of a similar type, dating back to 4-3 centuries BC.

#2 The Shiba Inu breed belongs to the Spitz group, it has all the characteristics inherent in them: sharp erect ears, a special tail shape, thick two-tier wool.

#3 According to experts, the progenitors of the Shiba Inu were brought to the Japanese islands from China or Korea, and already in the course of crossing with the aborigines, the existing standard was formed.

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