16+ Historical Facts About Pekingese You Might Not Know

The history of the Pekingese breed is still hidden under a veil of secrecy. The date of birth of the breed cannot be determined even approximately. Therefore, the origin of the Pekingese was overgrown with legends and myths.

One of the legends of the history of the Pekingese breed says that the prince fell in love with a simple girl. But her beauty also captivated the evil wizard. When the beauty rejected the claims of the sorcerer, he turned her into a lotus flower and the prince into a squirrel. However, their love did not disappear. The squirrel was tenderly caring for the flower. Seeing this, the Buddha took pity and blessed the lovers.

The fruit of love was the Pekingese, whose bushy tail resembles a squirrel, and whose character and physique are the tenderness and fragility of a lotus.

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