16+ Breed Reviews: Alaskan Malamute

#10 Dog for cat lovers

The Alaskan Malamute is built to show strength and endurance in the harsh northern weather. The Malamute does a great job in a team for transporting heavy loads over long distances. Dogs of the Alaskan Malamute breed are beautiful, powerful, athletic, with deep breasts and well-developed muscles. The Malamute stands firmly on its feet and gives the impression of a very energetic dog with its head held high. Malamute's facial expression is soft and benevolent, showing disposition and affection for the owner. In the brown eyes of the Malamute, a keen interest and curiosity are visible.

#11 Malamute is a dog worthy of a good friend.

And now the dog from the breeder's point of view:

Malamute is a rather freedom-loving dog that requires a different approach. For some, a stick suits, some for a carrot, and for some just friendship. Do not pretend to be an "alpha", because the Malamute understands very well that you are not part of the dog pack.

Despite the fact that he is attached to all family members, he usually listens to only one or two, usually cunningly choosing the kindest and most strict.

Malamute is a pack dog, which is why when buying several dogs, you should pay attention to their joint training, otherwise, the malamute will behave differently. For example - one on one with a man - to be an obedient bunny, and in a pack of his fellows - an uncontrollable "wolf".

Sometimes the entire training can be replaced by one sport, the so-called "sledding sport", or "dog sled racing". Malamute easily releases energy in training, which reduces the likelihood of escaping and walking the dog, as well as socializing the dog and teaching him tolerance. Well, of course, we must not forget that dragging a skier or a sled is an indescribable joy for a Malamute because this is a working breed.

Each representative of this breed is individual in its own way, and often the methods of dog handlers do not work on them, in this case, you should look at the dog from the position of a friend and try to UNDERSTAND what worries the dog and how he reacts to your actions.

Malamutes are often called stupid dogs, but this is not at all the case. Their love of freedom and disobedience is, on the one hand, a manifestation of intelligence, because they see and, most importantly, understand how to find benefits for themselves.

And a few more words:

1. Malamutes are not aggressive dogs and are not suitable for protection.

2. You should go in for sledding sports.

3. Grow up to 2-3 years. The dominant age starts from 1 to 1.5 years.

4. Easily learn the command, but difficult to get them to follow.

5. Some dogs tend to run away.

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