16+ Amazing Facts About Dachshunds You Might Not Know

A long muscular body resembling a sausage, short nimble paws, and a chiseled muzzle with gentle moist eyes … A portrait worthy of the brush of the best artists. It doesn’t matter that such a cartoonish, slightly awkward appearance went to a formidable hunter with a brutal character. The inexhaustible optimism and excellent sense of humor of the dachshund will smooth out all the rough edges. We suggest you get to know this amazing breed better and discover it from a new, unexpected side.

#2 The spirit of competition in this breed is so strong that in the 70s it began to participate in speed races with other dogs.

They were originally held in Australia but were later moved to San Diego, California. Of course, short legs do not allow the dachshund to emerge victorious in most of these competitions, but dog lovers get great pleasure from such entertainments.

#3 Dachshund is known for its strong innate aggressiveness towards humans and other animals.

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