15 Things to Know About Pugs

If you are looking for a loyal companion that you will never get bored with, then choose a pug. I recommend the retro pug, which is bred to be healthier and more agile than the conventional pug. Because as Loriot said: “Life without a pug is possible, but pointless.”

#1 The little dog originally came from Asia, probably straight from the German Empire, where it was kept as a ruler’s dog. It was the emperor’s privilege to own a pug.

Therefore, dogs had a high status among Asians. Around the 16th century, the ancestors of today's pug were shipped to Europe with the Dutch East India Company. So it came about that the dogs spread in the salons of the fine ladies and were only withheld from the fine society.

#2 After that, other small breeds took over and the Pug almost fell into oblivion for a few decades.

Since 1918, dogs have been considered fashion dogs again and have been very popular in Germany and around the world ever since. A large number of breeders show that the number of litters has increased and the popularity is not falling.

#3 As the historical origin already suggests, the dogs are very proud creatures.

They radiate this both in their outward appearance and in their character. A pug is well aware of its position and must be taught the hierarchy between owner and dog through discipline and kindness.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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