15+ Reasons Why You Should Never Own German Shepherds

For many people around the world, the German Shepherd is still an example of what an ideal dog should be. First, of course, it should be said about their high intelligence – there are few breeds in the world that could compete with the German Shepherd in this respect. Sometimes it may seem to you that you are communicating with a person in the body of a dog, who, despite the lack of the ability to speak, manages to convey to you the whole gamut of his experiences and thoughts through facial expressions, voice and body language.

The German Shepherd perfectly understands a person, and when it comes to the owner, she often understands him even before he expressed his desire. It takes them some time to introduce a new person into the circle of their friends, but if he got into this circle, the dog will remember him for a long time.

These are the famous facts about German Shepherds, are ready for some new information? Then scroll below

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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