15+ Reasons Boxers Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Boxers need to be educated from childhood so that the dog understands who is in charge in the house. Without paying due attention to training, the dog will try to dominate and demonstrate its stubbornness in various ways. With the right upbringing, the boxer grows up to be a calm and balanced dog. He is characterized by fighting qualities (composure, strength, perseverance), which the dog shows during training. At the same time, children’s spontaneity, gaiety, and kindness can be traced. They are gullible and very loyal to the owner. Boxers are quite loving dogs, they get along well with other animals. If you decide to get a dog of this breed, then at the same time you should think about what other animals are desirable in your home. If there are any, then it is recommended to start them at the same time as the dog. Accordingly, they will be brought up together, which will be most comfortable for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at the boxers.

#2 You can’t put your clothes on until you’re ready to walk out of the door if you’re going somewhere nice.

#3 When you are done cleaning the bathtub and she stays there after you left the bathroom waiting for a bath.

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