15+ Pictures That Prove Japanese Chin Are Perfect Weirdos

Intelligent, agile, brave, proud, calm, balanced, friendly, extremely clean, unobtrusive, not stubborn, and without excessive fussiness of the dog. Chins bark very little, and with their delicate manner of communication, they relieve stress and maintain a positive atmosphere. If the owner is busy and he has no time for his pet, the hin will simply wait quietly when they want to see him. Chins are able to fully adapt to the owner’s lifestyle, if he is an active person, the chin will gladly share walks, running, or swimming, and if he is a couch potato, then he will be quite satisfied with a place on the sofa or windowsill. Loves walks and games with all family members. Hin can’t stand familiarity and doesn’t like being touched by strangers. It can be an excellent guardian for an apartment. This is a very brave and in the moment of anger a reckless dog, not commensurate with its physical capabilities and capable of even hissing, indignantly spitting, and yelling.

#1 Japanese Chins are suitable for most owners because they have the ability to fully adapt to their lifestyle.

#2 Refinement and gracefulness are the main features of the exterior of the Japanese Chin. The silky long coat gives them a special charm.

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