15+ Pictures That Prove Irish Wolfhound Are Perfect Weirdos

The Irish wolfhound has remarkable growth and impressive appearance, very muscular, strong but elegant build, with light and swift movements; head and neck are carried high; the tail is slightly curved at the end. The desired height at the withers in males is 81-86 cm, the minimum is 79 cm for males and 71 cm for bitches; one of the tallest dog breeds; minimum weight for males – 54.5 kg, bitches – 40.5 kg. The coat is harsh and requires maintenance. Longer at the chin and above the eyebrows. The color is brindle, fawn, wheat, black, gray, white, yellowish-brown, red, any other color found in the deerhound.

#1 If you are looking for a long-lived breed, the Irish Wolfhound is not for you. He lives roughly 6 to 8 years.

#3 The breed is very old; there are suggestions it may have been brought to Ireland as early as 7000 BC.

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