15+ Pictures That Prove Border Collies Are Perfect Weirdos

The main character trait is high efficiency. This dog is a workaholic, she is only interested in the one who plays with it or plays with it. Photo: Trevis Rothwell Roughly speaking, if the owner does not have the ball, but the coach does, the border will go with the coach. Needs work 3-4 hours a day, bored without work. This is a typical choleric person by temperament. She needs to constantly come up with tasks, she will not be able to entertain herself. Small children are not interested in this breed, it is better not to leave a child under 8 years old with an energetic strong dog alone. But they get along well with teenagers. They are excellent learners, even a novice trainer can teach them, teams. This breed is considered the smartest among dogs, the record holder for the number of memorized and executed commands. The teams are executed with lightning speed and precision. Even if the dog prowls in the bushes “on its own wave”, when the command “lie down” it will fall like a shot. The typical behavior of the border collie is well described in The Year of the Dog by John Katz.

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