15 Leonberger Facts So Interesting You’ll Say, “OMG!”

The “Federation Cynologique Internationale” is the largest internationally recognized cynological umbrella organization. He systematically divides the individual dog breeds into sections and groups. The Leonberger is classified by the umbrella organization in Group 2 “Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid and Swiss Mountain Dogs” and in the sub-group “Mountain Dogs” in the “Molossoid” section. According to the general breed standards, the dog has the following characteristics.

#1 The densely haired tail is usually carried on the back, especially when the animal is excited and happy.

The fur is long, dense and extremely soft. The color of the fur varies between reddish-brown, reddish and lighter tones and is reminiscent of a lion's mane on the neck and chest area.

#2 The Leonberger is one of the very large dog breeds.

The males reach a height of 80 cm, the females a height of 75 cm. A full-grown male also has a weight of up to 70 kilograms.

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