15 Interesting Facts About English Springer Spaniels

The English Springer Spaniel is an athletic beauty from misty Britain. In the past, as today, he is often used as a hunting companion, but he is also an even-tempered and friendly family dog.

English Springer Spaniel (dog breed) – FCI classification
FCI Group 8: Retrievers – Search dogs – Water dogs.
Section 2 – scavenger dogs
with working exam
Country of origin: Great Britain

Default number: 125
approx. 51 cm for males and females
Use: scavenger and retriever.

#1 The ancestors of the modern English Springer Spaniel belong to the oldest type of hunting dog in England, the so-called “gundogs”.

#2 Originally, these “gun dogs”, which were particularly popular as a leisure sport at the peak of hunting, only had to find the prey and drive it in front of the hunter’s gun.

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