15 Interesting Facts About Brittany Spaniels

A Brittany Spaniel is the perfect dog for active people. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and have children running around in the garden with him, then this breed is worth checking out.

Brittany is medium-sized, has a friendly nature, and loves exercise. He is very intelligent and adventurous – the perfect partner for an active family.

#1 A Brittany Spaniel is a hunting dog. It is very reliable and versatile.

Hunters in particular appreciate its strengths.

#2 The Brittany has a very fine nose, which helps him to do excellent tracking work even in extensive terrain.

#3 The pretty dog works very concentrated and does not allow himself to be distracted.

He is fast, persistent, and intelligent. This makes him a dog for whom long walks are just as important as stretches where he can run free and romp around.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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