15+ Historical Facts About Japanese Chins You Might Not Know

The Japanese Chin is a versatile dog. On the one hand, she is affectionate, cheerful, cheerful, and friendly, and on the other, she is suspicious and touchy.

Hin always behaves with dignity and knows his own worth, therefore, painfully perceives any negative or indifference towards him. He is especially sensitive to the behavior of the owner since he becomes attached to him with all his soul. But with strangers, the hin behaves with restraint.

Despite its diminutive size, the chin can hardly be called an unpretentious indoor dog. This is a pet with character, and he needs a solid but extremely friendly upbringing.

#1 The Japanese Chin is one of the oldest dog breeds, but versions of its origin are still being discussed.

#2 There is a legend that a pair of dogs similar to the Japanese Chin was presented as a gift to the Japanese emperor Semu by the ruler of one of the Korean states of Silla in 732.

#3 The earliest estimated date for the appearance of chins in Japan is called the 3rd century, and India and China are considered the exporting countries in this case.

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