15+ Facts About Raising and Training English Bulldogs

These companion dogs require constant attention from their owners. Bulldogs are strongly attached to their family. They will make friends with pets. They show maximum patience for children. The breed is suitable for keeping in families, single person, inexperienced owners. But if you are busy 24/7 and do not have time to raise an English Bulldog at home, it is better not to have one. Alone, the dog becomes stupid, sad, refuses to eat, gets sick.

#1 The owner must strictly monitor compliance with the established rules and not allow the slightest indulgence, no matter what age the bulldog is.

#2 At first, when the puppy is not yet accustomed to the established order in the house and does not know what is and what is not, it is recommended to encourage him verbally and stroking for good behavior.

#3 If the English Bulldog broke the rule or disobeyed, you should shake him well, taking him by the collar, and express your displeasure in a formidable voice.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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