15 Breathtaking Basenji Dog Tattoo Ideas

Basenjis are known for being a very calm breed; Because they have a flat larynx, the dogs cannot bark. When they make noise, it sounds more like a yodel than a traditional bark.

Basenjis were brought to England in the 1890s, but there a distemper epidemic wiped out the majority of the dogs. When a vaccine finally became available in the 1930s, Basenjis were brought back to Britain and the United States. However, the breeding pool for this rare dog was small, leading to health issues. A genetic disorder called Fanconi Syndrome became a widespread problem, resulting in the deaths of a number of Basenjis. To diversify the gene pool, breeders brought dogs from Sudan and Congo. Even today, some suffer from Fanconi Syndrome, so it is recommended that you get your Basenji from a reputable breeder.

Below you will find the 15 best Basenji dog tattoos:

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