15 Best Whippet Tattoos to Celebrate Your Four-Legged Best Friend

Whippets need daily exercise and enjoy running around in fenced-off areas or on a leash.
A Whippet should never be let off the leash while being walked.
Whippets have a high prey drive and will follow other animals for many miles.
Electronic underground fences are not suitable for whippets. If they see something to hunt, just ignore the shock. A 1.5 to 2m high fence should be enough to keep the Whippet in check.
Whippets don’t shed much, and weekly brushing is enough to keep loose hairs off your clothes and furniture.
The whippet’s thin skin is prone to scratches, tears, and nicks.
Without daily exercise, the Whippet can become destructive. Whippets tend to be calm and easygoing dogs when they are sufficiently exercised.

Below you will find the 15 best Whippet dog tattoos:

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