15+ Amazing Facts About Bull Terriers You Might Not Know

Interest in Bull Terriers is consistently high. Most of society calls this dog a monster, but there are those who adore it and consider it a baby in dog clothes, who cannot be loved.

#1 In the late 1980s, a commercial for Budweiser beer, starring a bull terrier named Mackenzie, whose sly grin and antics instantly made him an instant pop icon, played the main role on TV screens.

The public was fascinated by this dog much more than the advertised beer. After the very first broadcasts, the popularity of Bull Terriers soared to incredible proportions. He was called affectionately "the kid in the dog suit."

#2 Since 1979, in the United States, in which these animals became cult, they began to keep the terrible statistics of attacks by bull terriers on people.

43% of all fatal dog attacks are recorded on dogs of this breed. At the same time, it turned out that bull terriers are extremely touchy and vindictive. Thus, 94% of attacks on children occurred due to the fact that the babies screamed or cried loudly, while for other breeds this figure was at 42%.

#3 The statistics of deaths turned out to be more terrible – three attacks out of ten ended in tragedy.

However, the investigation of all these cases showed that 84% of these incidents were the fault of the owners, who did not take the necessary precautions.

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