14+ Undeniable Truths Only Airedale Terrier Pup Parents Understand

Trimming is a necessary procedure when caring for an Airedale. This is a special type of hair care, after which the hairline itself renews itself. Such a procedure is carried out at least twice a year, its obligation is associated with the peculiarity of the structure of the hairline of the Airedale.

In general, the Airedale is great dogs that will suit almost any family (or owner), but remember that all terriers need constant activity. If you need a more phlegmatic dog, opt for a different breed, such as a pug.

#3 With all the excellent qualities of this breed, Airedale Terriers have a high tendency to dominate, which means that in interaction with the dog there should be a partner model, without suppression and aggression.

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