14 Tips for a Healthy Yorkshire Terrier Dog Life!

Life is unpredictable. It could well be that your Yorkshire Terrier only has to go to the vet’s office for his mandatory vaccinations and otherwise does not need any medical treatment. Of course, the reverse could also happen and your dog might be a permanent guest in the practice’s waiting room.

Since veterinary bills in particular can quickly reach a three or four-digit amount, a financial cushion is definitely advisable when owning a dog. It can even be worth putting a monthly amount aside during puppyhood. By the time the terrier is getting on in years and showing the first signs of old age, a nice cushion has accumulated at home.

In the case of chronic illnesses or major operations, however, this money is sometimes quickly used up. If you want to protect yourself, you might consider taking out surgical insurance or health insurance for the Yorkshire Terrier.

Surgery insurance is the cheaper alternative. Here, however, only costs are covered that arise in the context of an operation. For example, preliminary and follow-up examinations as well as diagnostic procedures that were necessary to carry out the operation or to determine the clinical picture. However, costs for chronic diseases, medication, or other treatments are not insured if they are not related to an operation.

Health insurance for dogs is extensive, but also very expensive. Routine procedures, vaccinations, or even castration are often covered here.

#3 Take your Yorkie to the vet for a routine check once a year so that possible (hereditary) diseases can be detected and treated early.

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